Under construction

Soon on this domain: This site, www.ropepump.net, reports about; rope pumps, the contribution of Demotech regarding its design, further technical development and above all how the rope pump does function from the users perspective.

We will try to gather as much news as we can get hold of. Expect to find data on performance, cost and durability. Expect latest news about new designs as well from Demotech as from other people and organizations linked to access to water.

The start will be to mine data from the site www.demotech.org, Gradually we will also catalog other rope pumps we learn about as detailed as possible. Another field of data mining is the info on rope pumps to be found at sites of development organizations, educational institutes and governments.

All this should serve the user. Demotech believes that the rope pump as it designed back in 1975 has the potential to solve the problem of lifting water from bore hole, well or river at affordable cost even for the poorest, while its quality should be satisfying.