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Shallow rope pump

Rope pump dave102190 and Rope pump with Negros Oriental visitor:

Student from JRMSU driving a pump using only rope, old slipper, rubber, PVC pipe, and Iron bars. Hey what keeps it from slipping when wet? are there grooves on the wheels for the rubbers or some soft of thing like that? How do u make the pump? how does water travel upward? Materials are rubber, pipes, old slippers/ flip flops, Ropes, cements, and iron.
I can't tell you how to make it, coz' I saw it here near in our area. All I know was old slippers where form a round-like fish rubber to get water from underground.It's amazing to know that renewable materials can be use to make pump like this. Please check Triple (W) (dot) ecoagrifoundation (dot) org for more information the handle is way to long for someone 5 foot or shorter she is putting to much effort to pump it should be way less trouble to pump with a shot handle.
Year of construction:2012
Depth:10 Meters
Production costs:EU10.00
Region:Mindanao, Philippines